SecBox SecaS.

Business Email

India’s Data Sovereignty ; World's largest and powerful DC instance based in INDIA.
Secbox's advance premium email security for your mailboxes ..
Microsoft 365, Zimbra, Mdaemon, Microsoft Exchange, LotusNotes, ...

Premium functionality included:

  • CEO Impersonation protection

  • Phishing/ Spear phishing protection

  • Link analysis

  • Full Sandboxing

  • Zero Day Attacks protection

  • Mail Spooling

  • Spoofing protection

  • Malware and Ransomware protection

  • SPF/DKIM/DMARC checking
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Employee Efficiency and Productivity Reports

SecBox's Risk Services and Reports on allows you to know your Employee Stats on:

- Determine whether an application was only launched or actively used
- Memorise all the visited websites and time which was spent on them
- Automatically sort out productive, unproductive activites and
  those not related to the tasks
- Collect necessary evidence for investigation - screenshots,
  pressed keys, audio recordings
- Create detailed reports on employee activities and corporate regulation violation
- Control the Company's PC and Laptop even when employees are outside the Corporate network
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Business DCAP

SecBox's Business Data Analysis answers important questions about internal business risks mitigation.

- What documents contain business critical information?

- How much critical data does a company have and where is it located?

- Who has access to the data and can modify it?

Compliance and investigation: ensuring data inventory, i.e. inventory of personal data and operations on data within your corporate system, and comprising techniques based on eDiscovery elements.

Change Management : The solution will help you to control such procedures as requesting a change and system respond to the change

Risk Management :Privileged access is among the most common reasons for security issues. Monitor data usage on endpoints and servers by privileged accounts.

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